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New Island Is Fully Operational!!



April 28, 2020


To our customers and partners,


New Island Is fully operational


For more than 55 years, New Island has faced and overcome many challenges and we will still strongly live by our core valuesWE TAKE PRECAUTION AND KEEP OURSELVES, OUR PEERS AND OUR PRODUCTS SAFE. This value keeps us strong and guides us when we face uncertainties ahead. Our thoughts go out to families that have been affected?by this unimaginable event. We are appreciative to our healthcare professionals who are in the frontline doing ‘whatever it takes’ to contain this coronavirus. We also play an important?part to do “whatever it takes” to stay virus-free and continue to deliver our products and services worldwide on-time in the safest possible way.

Keeping our customers and employees top of mind, we have taken the following steps:

  • New Island Printing has been fully operational since 16th March 2020, all our factories are now open and in production.
  • Our staff is 98% fully returned to their work positions. 2% are returning as their home town start to release lock-down.
  • We have monitored our staff health and travels since 20th January 2020 and have kept good communication throughout this period.
  • We have ZERO staff confirmed or admitted with coronavirus.
  • In order to keep our staff, New Island has implemented high cut cost measures. So far, we have not yet come to the point where we need lay off any staff. Our returned staff are happy to be back at their work stations and are highly motivated.
  • All non-essential business travel are cancelled.
  • New Island will still maintain strict preventive measures until the virus has been fully contained.


Please click here to see our factory preventive actions: CLICK HERE

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and take strong measures to ensure?health and safety of our employees and suppliers.

We have also attached a printable preventive tips hope you will find this useful. CLICK HERE

Should you have trouble with the above hyperlinks, both files are also available on our website.


We value your business and we are committed to keeping you informed.

Should you have any questions or require any information please email [email protected].

Wishing you safety and good health.


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